Rob Dempster
Giant Talon E +1 (XL Frame)
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Around July 2019 while I was riding my Merida MTB up a hill on the Karkloof Road, I decided then and there that I was done pedalling my 100 kgs up hills. I would build an ebike, and I would ride the Berg 100 one more time, without having to sweat up the hills. So I did. My brother in law from Frankfurt also decided that he would join me. He would ride the Merida MTB.

Then COVID cancelled his flight, and so my wife bought a Giant LIV in order to take his place. Then the 2020 Berg 100 was cancelled. So was the 2021 Berg 100. Towards the end of 2021 my home built ebike also packed up. That created a dilema as it seemed like the 2022 Berg 100 would be ridden. So I promptly bought a Giant Talon E +1, and my wife and I did get to finally ride the Berg 100.

To complete the Berg 100 we both used two batteries. Now with the Berg 100 done and dusted, we continue to ride for pleasure enjoying the vistas of the Natal Midlands. Unfortunately most of the folk I ride with are (much) lighter that I am, so if I don't use more battery on the hills, I struggle to keep up. Unfortunately we do some 65+ km rides and that caused me to sweat about getting home before the battery is flat. So what now? If I could upgrade the battery from the talon from 500 Wh to 750 Wh, or fit an extra battery, I would keep the Talon. The first option is too involved, and the second not all that attractive. So all that is left if I wish to continue riding is sell it.

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