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Simply the best!
Simply the best!

Simply the best!

Simply the best!

Simply the best!

I don't like SA, I love SA!

On Tuesday morning DHL will deliver my new cell phone. It is a LG G2, runs Android, and from what I have read, it is a great phone. At the same time I will bid Adieu to my Nokia Pureview 808. It will be with a heavy heart, and a reasonable amount of doubt, that I will do so. The 808 has simply been one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever owned.

Up front, it is still probably has one of the best cameras to be found in a cell phone. Its predictive text capabilities are sublime. The map and drive utilities are superb. Its battery is great, I never have a problem getting through a day irrespective of what I do. I might take 20-30 photographs in a day. I might run Sports Tracker for five hours while I complete a 106 km cycle race.

Another of its great strengths is the underlying Operating System. It runs Symbian, and that is also probably why it was not the hit it should have been, that and Nokias seeming reluctance to support Symbian and to market the phone. Symbian is a UNIX derivation, much the same as xOS and iOS, which run on Apple's computers and cell phones respectively. The same is also true of Google's Android, and that covers most of the smart cell phones currently being used.

With the exception of one cell phone, a Motorola, I have always had a Nokia cell phone. I guess it is now somewhat ironic that I am not bought another Nokia. That decision can be summed up in one word - Microsoft!

So come what may, by the end of next week I will have to sell one of my cell phones, and I am not so sure it will be the 808.

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