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How the contracts offered to cell phone customers could be improved
10 October 2017

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Years ago I acquired my first cell phone, a Nokia, from a Vodacom store in Pietermaritzburg. The store was on the corner of what was then Commercial Road and Longmarket Street. Vodacom will know how long ago it was and how simple the process was. Recently I visited another Vodacom store located in the Bookside Mall and we all know that the process is very different. Now there are too many cell phone brands and the list of contracts, even when restricted to what you can afford, far too long. To make matters even worse, the contracts come in all shapes and sizes. The Huawei P10 I recently aqcuired came with a second phone, a Huawei P8 which I did not want, a second SIM card, which I also did not want, and who knows what else.

Would it not be simpler if Vodacom simply said, "Which phone do you want? OK, the Huawei P10, that will be R300 pm month on a 2 year contract. Anything else?" You then select P, Q and R, and Vodacom adds X, Y and Z to the monthly bill. End of story. You get what you really want and Vodacom I am sure will still be making money out of the deal.

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