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South African Migration - An arbitrary reading List

3 June 2019

Up until recently I have never seriously thought of leaving South Africa. Admittedly I did apply for and get a lectureship at a College in Lismore, Queensland, Australia in the late 1980's, but was promoted locally and stayed. Up until recently I also never actively encouraged any of our children to do so. If anything, I have been disappointed that the New South Africa did not actively try to retain the skills that left in order to accelerate the emergence of a new South Africa that would be able to grow and prosper at a far greater rate than it has.

Now for the first time I have actually suggested to our children still resident in South Africa, that they consider emigrating. Naturally I would like to see them go to the same country, and for my wife, the dogs and myself to follow them.

What has brought about this change? Well for the first time since 1994, I do not feel indebted to South Africa. Not only do I feel that I have I have paid my dues, but those that have been running the country, the province and the city in which I live, have systematically destroyed much of what it should have built upon in order to see South Africa grow at a rate that would not only sustain its population, but see its lifestyle and opportunities radically improved.

Do I now feel desperate about the situation? The short answer would be no, I remain an optimist and am hoping that the New Dawn that is promised by the newly elected National Government will become a reality. Also no because life elsewhere is not necessarily that much better in a world that is as always changing, and is now being being seriously threatened by what humans hath wrought in terms of habitat degradation.

So what am I going on about? Basically I am curious about South African migration and recently found three sources that I thought were worth sharing. You will find them referenced below and somewhere in there is a figure (pie chart of sorts) that assures me that while there are immigrants keen to come to South, they are not interested in coming to Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal. They are also not interested in going to Umtata in the Eastern Cape. (See the last figure contained in the last refernce (link))

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