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Wikipedia - The Corona Virus

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The Corona Diaries
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Lock-down - Day 1

27 March 2020

Wikipedia - The Sun's Corona

When the President first address the Nation, he did say that additional measures would be announced in due course regarding the government\'s plans to minimize the effect that the Corona Virus would have on the Republic of South Africa. He kept his word. On Monday night he appeared on Television again, and lost no time in announcing what seemed to be a fairly sever nation-wide three week lock-down.

Since then there has been time spent thinking about what it would be like, and how we would handle it. I personally have taken some comfort from the experience of having to spend six weeks lying on my bed. I had to do that while waiting for my back to recover sufficiently from a dura leak that I inherited when I had my first back operation. At the time it was all made much worse by me not having known that the surgeon had nicked my dura during the back operation, and the leak presenting itself just as I was about to completed the six week post back operation recovery period.

So the time will pass, as it did then, and hopefully there will be no serious repercussions for myself, my family, relatives and friends, and anyone who might stumble across these musings, and read this far. Hopefully the various economies stretching from my own through to that of the big new world that a waits us, will also all recover sooner rather than later.

What will be different, will be the world we live in. That of course has always been a given, except that now the change will be both more rapid and more noticeable that the previous major changes, the last of which was probably World War II (WWII). I was born immediately after that war, and have been intrigued by how it has come to have an influence over me seventy plus ears after it ended. My father lost two brothers during WWII, and then his own father, who died within a year of WWII having ended. It is only recently that I have started to miss them. To miss the families the brothers might of had, and the family backdround that only a grandfather could have provided.

South Africa has probably had to endure the worst outcome of the HIV/Aids pandemic, and continues to struggle with that virus. Hopefully the current "Lock-down" will soften the Corona Virus blow for South Africa. Hopefully it will not leave a lot of people missing people they should have got to know, and did not.

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