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COVID-19 Stay Home South Africa

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The Corona Diaries
Page 6
Lock-down - Day 29
I have a mask
I don't have Zwift

24 April 2020

COVID-19 Stay Home South Africa

As I may have mentioned before, I have basically been behind the mechanisms the government has introduced to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic. It started with the three week long LOCKDOWN, and I like to think that we bought that to the point that we were were going to live with what was required of us. I like to think that MOST of South Africa also bought into the idea. We were strangely united, something not felt during recent times.

Then the two week extension was announced, and while we were unhappy about that, we were still going to hang in there. However this time there were some concerns. The cellar was probably going to be a problem, and I was seriously tired of riding a bicycle going no where. To put it bluntly, I am gatvol with the gatsaag [{an Afrikaans word - Eng. Arsesaw} The racing saddle on the (Bruce's) bike that is our stationary exercise bike.]

I do need to commend Bruce here as he hunted around for some previously used devices that we hoped would allow us to run Zwift on a cell phone, while cycling a famous cycling route as presented by Zwift. All this did result in me possibly learning something about Zwift. My first impression is that Zwift was a multi-player real-time computer gaming company, and that given the company's gaming expertise, it must have been a relatively easy task for the company to produce a game that allowed cyclists to create avatars of themselves, and then watch these avatars follow each other around mock-ups of the famous cycling routes. I was mostly wrong, while the one founders did have that sort of background, it is a company founded to do exactly what it does, provide a better indoor cycling / training experience.

As I mentioned at the start of these pages, Edith and I were hoping to sell our home and relocate to Howick. That would have seen Bruce establish himself in his own place somewhere else, but staying in the neighbourhood. Well I guess we don't have any regrets with regard to that not having happened, as weathering this storm together whilst still at our present home, has been a much better option. Three has not been a crowd. The extra space and company has been great, and the LOCKDOWN has also made doing some of the "to do list" jobs that I had managed to avoid previously, seem that more do-able.

Unfortunately we have now depleted the stock of materials required to continue working on these to-do list jobs. So we find ourselves seriously hoping that we will be able to obtain some of these supplies once the extended LOCKDOWN comes to an end. Unfortunately (again), that may not be the case as the newly LOCKDOWN arrangements sees a gradual return to an open society in terms of us having to pass from the (full) LOCKDOWN (level 5) through levels 4, 3, and 2, and ending up on level 1. Level 1 will of course not see us back were we started, as the whole world will have to wait for the arrival of the vaccine for that to happen. The transition will also see each of us maintain a pile of face masks next to our various piles of under clothes, handkerchiefs/hankies etc. Face masks are the new normal, something that I am assuming is going to play havoc with the makeup and cosmetics market. As for finger nails and gloves, well I am not going to go there.

And to conclude: Years ago (late 20th century) while standing in front of a 2nd year Computer Architecture class, I held up my Nokia Brick and started my lecture by saying, "This is the future". None of them had cell phones back then, and I doubt that any of us could fully appreciate the extent to which the digital revolution would affect our lives.

It has been huge, and it has certainly helped me to find family I did not know were there, and more importantly, to keep up with family who are not here.

A luta continua; a vitória é certa

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a bicycle.

If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions or plain criticism, I would appreciate it if you would communicate the same to me.

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