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Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary
Bush Walk

Mother's Day 2018

To bring our visit Perth, Western Australia to a fitting end Cheryl organised a booking for a bush walk in the Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary. She also prepared an excellent packed lunch which we enjoyed in superb surroundings. We have done several such walks with Cheryl and her family over the years and they have all been most enjoyable. Last years walk was different in that it involved a fair amount of climbing with corresponding descents. While this walk also had its fair share of ups and downs, what made it special for me was the variation experienced during the walk in terms of the surrounding bush. It was certainly a very picturesque walk and I would guess the beautiful XYZ gum trees and the Grass Trees were responsible for that. Another feature that would probably interest a South African from Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal is that the Avon River flows through the Sanctuary. Apparently the Canoeing Event that is staged on the Avon River annually always features South African Paddlers who do quite well. Sadly the walk also brought to an end a great visit to Australia. Even the excessive amount of ice cream that I consumed at the end of the walk could not make up for that.

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