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Cycling Perth
Hillarys to Burns Beach and The Quarterdeck to the Optus Stadium

24 May 2018

Perth has to be one of the World's iconic cities in terms of the extent to which its cycling paths accommodates cycling. It also affords may truly scenic routes in terms of cycling paths that follow the coastline and the shores of the Swan and Canning Rivers. The photographs presented here were taken during rides Edith and I undertook whilst visiting the Delports in Perth. It was also great to have Cheryl along for the ride from Hillarys to Burns Beach. The ride from the Delport home on The Quarterdeck in Willetton to the Optus Stadium in Perth was a Grand Tour that took us from the Narrows Bridge along the North Shore of the Swan River to view the Optus Stadium and the yet to be completed pedestrian bridge that is intended to serve the stadium. We then returned along the South Shore of the Swan.

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