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Corona Man Face

*** Welcome to my PMB blog, the umpteenth! ***

The Sun, the Earth,
Ryan, Rachel and the Corona Virus

30 July 2020

Corona Man Face

If the Solar System was scaled such that the diameter of the sun was 120 cms, then the diameter of the earth would be 2.45 cms. If that scaled sun was then positioned at the intersection of Town Bush and Non Such Roads, the orbit of the earth would pass through Howick. Furthermore, if you could find Rachel on that earth, she wold be the same size as the virus that is causing so much trouble right now.

If you are wondering what all this about, it is part of the home schooling that has had to happen because the South African Government has not kept our schools open. Probably because the ANC is afraid of loosing votes in the coming elections. I have to say that it makes me wonder what goes through a teacher's head when s/he goes to a super market, and then passes through the checkout. The folk peopling these checkouts are in my opinion amongst the most exposed front line workers in the country. I salute them!

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