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Park View

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Amber Valley Zebra

8 February 2021

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At the end of the previous century I had become tired of cutting the grass and tending a large garden. So we moved across town from Hayfields to Otter Park in Warwick Road. The garden was a dream. The simplex however, was perhaps a bit too small. So I agreed to follow Edith if she could find something we both liked. We did not, and so when the opportunity arose for Edith to build her, "dream home" at Park View, another move was on the cards. And it has been just that. It has also been a home that we have been able to share with our now adult children, and their families, and especially with the local grandchildren.

Edith also finally got the opportunity to create an indigenous garden, and so together we carted an extraordinary volume of rocks in order to turn the banks into rockeries. Once we had done that she was able to set about populating the garden with indigenous plants that included several severely threatened species.

Park View being where it is at the end of Town Bush Road, allowed us to walk out of the door and find ourselves and the dogs walking in the local forests in no time at all. That too made Park View special, and a daily walk with the dogs was something we were able to enjoy daily for the duration of our stay at Park View. It has also been wonderful to experience the manner in which Non Such Road has transformed into an open space enjoyed by many of the residents from the area.

Now we find ourselves in Amber Valley in Howick, and the dogs have to be on leads and remain there whenever we step out of our the door. This is because we are literally stepping into a Zoo populated with guinea fowl, Egyptian geese, hares, warthogs, jackals, zebras, and various buck species. The scents that the dogs now experience while they are out walking, are in a different league from what they have ever experienced before. For Edith it is like a dream come true, a chance for an animal lover and a zoologist whose PhD was in the field of animal behaviour, to live in a Zoo.

Finally I would compliment Norman Haines on what he achieved with Park View, it is a lovely complex, and the homes are as sturdy as any you could wish to live in.

Goodbye and all the best Park View.

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