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If I remember correctly our first Internet connection from our home in Hayfield, Pietermaritzburg was by means of a 300 bps acoustic couple modem that allowed us to dial into a server running in the Computer Science Department on the Pietermaritzburg Campus of the then University of Natal. I those early days we also used Telkom\'s Beltel service to connect to First National Bank.

Our first Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) connection was also through Telkom, and we were connected around 2003. Telkom was also the Internet Service Provider (ISP). We stayed with Telkom until one of the members of the household thought a shift to MWeb would be a good idea. I was not so keen and the compromise saw us retain the Telkom ADSL line and switch to MWeb as the ISP. If there was an improvement, it was not noticeable.

The next change occurred when the same member of the household thought that switch to Afrihost as our ISP would be a good idea. Again, if there was an improvement, it was not noticeable. The next switch came when Telkom started to seriously fall over and that saw us make a radical change in terms of a switch to Afrihost's Rain wireless service as supplied by Vodacom. This worked quite well until a couple of months ago when Vodacom seem to falter in our area. This saw us not only loose our Internet connection intermittently and at times for protracted periods, we would also loose our cell Vodacom phone signal. None of these failures was ever recorded publicly and there has never been any apologies. In terms of this experience, Vodacom made visiting Home Affairs to renew a passport a real pleasure.

Our most recent switch has been to Cell C as the wireless provider and so far, so good.

Tests run using Speedtest running in a browser via our ADSL line and more recently, our wireless connection by

DateTimePing (ms)Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)

Local (PMB) Mobile Wireless Internet Speed Tests

Tests run via my LG G4 cellphone using the OOKLA App

DateTimeLocationProtocolPing (ms)Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)
16/03/201903:58Park View4G1640.505.72
08/08/201519:22Park ViewEdge540.130.10
08/08/201519:22Park View4G244.150.35
08/08/201519:09Otter Park4G3624.093.11
06/08/201512:09Cascades Car Park PMB4G3020.193.57
01/08/201521:539 Park View PMBEdge6980.160.12

Non Local Mobile Wireless Internet Speed Tests

Tests run via my LG G4 cellphone using the OOKLA App

DateTimeLocationProtocolPing (ms)Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)
11/09/201522:34John Akhurst's house York4G1220.531.22
11/09/201515:37Somewhere in York4G4016.178.56
07/09/201506:56Sean Wright's home in Edinburgh4G1054.363.97
28/07/201511:06Pavilion Westville4G277.316.51

Better (than mine) Mobile Wireless Internet Speed Tests

If you can better the best results shown above, send me your data and details and I will include them hem here.
DateTimeLocationProtocolPing (ms)Download (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)Contributor
06/01/201613:24Bloemfontein4G2404.150.35Andrew Sheard
06/01/201613:24Hermanus4G2010.845.09Andrew Sheard
06/01/201613:24Noordhoek4G3529.351.98Andrew Sheard
06/01/201613:23Cape Point Light House4G4701.282.00Andrew Sheard
05/01/201617:36Table Mountain4G2706.901.27Andrew Sheard
05/01/201617:36V&A Waterfront Cape Town4G3225.007.14Andrew Sheard
02/01/201620:10Rondebosch Cape Town4G1926.530.39Andrew Sheard

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