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PICPMB - Recycling to save the Planet

First posted: 2010 or thereabouts


Some might argue that PMB should first look to saving itself before it tries to contribute to efforts to save the planet. Others might argue that if PMB can get that right (save itself), then that in its own right will significantly contribute to saving the planet.

Either way, I have always been interested in recycling, and so when Dave Ryder, the local councillor started handing out the orange bags, we joined up. Follow the examples link below to see how to strengthen an orange bag so that it can be suspended from a hook to get it out of the way while it is accumulating material.

Prior to being bitten by the recycling bug, I had already become an ardent garbage compactor. You can see some examples of my compaction efforts here. The drive to keep the garbage small was probably because I was the one responsible for dragging the garbage down the drive to the pavement eacj week. So when a seperate bag was introduced for the recycling, I naturally transferred my by now considerable compaction skills to the recycling efforts.

Since this recycling effort started back in 2010, I have taken more notice of what was being done elsewhere. Here is a news24 report dated 24-06-2010 that details what would be happening in Pietermaritzburg, and how it would be achieved: Hassle-free recycling hits PMB.

I could not help but notice that besides encouraging compaction, Perth also required lids to be left off plastic bottles and containers. Presumably this is to prevent explosions when their collection vehicle does the compaction. Makes sense, but why should they have all the fun. Besides, a properly compacted capped plastic bottle should not explode, or if it does, it will only be a small explosion.

If you did look at the examples, I hope you noticed how the plastic brand label that surrounds the two litre plastic milk bottle lends itself to the compaction process. The flexibility and economic advantage that this form of labelling brings to labelling plastic bottles is obvious. I doubt that they foresaw the advantage it affords the compaction for recycling process with regard to these bottles.

By now you will have noticed that duct tape plays a large role in my life. It makes compaction a reality and I would not be caught without a roll.

The big question of course is, "Do those who have to sort my contribution to the recycling cause, appreciate my compaction efforts?". I am not sure, and I would love to know.

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