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Sports Tracker and the Huawei P10
versus the LG G4
20 November 2017

This blog follows up on my previous blog, "Sports Tracker and the Huawei P10 - Does not exactly work " that deals with the problems I was experiencing with the Huawei P10 and the Sports Tracker application.

I have now phoned Vodacom at least three times to communicate my Huawei P10 Sports Tracker problem to the company. The call center staff are generally not sufficiently informed to deal with my problem. On one occasion I was put through to a more senior individual whose name was Mikhail and he promised to send me an email to set up a link between us to look into the problem. Never happened. I have also been to the Vodacom store at the Brookeside Mall here in Pietermaritzburg at least three times and have not achieved anything there either.

I have now decided that the only way I will get Vodacom's attention is to no longer pay my Vodacom account. To that end I have obtained a Vodacom Pre-Paid SIM card and inserted it into the phone (an LG G4) that I used prior to acquiring the Huawei P10. Both phones came with my Vodacom contract. Once I have made sure that all the contacts I have that use my Vodacom (082) phone number (which I have had for years) are able to contact me using my new prepaid Vodacom number, I will stop paying my Vodacom contract account.

Hopefully this will get Vodacom's attention and afford me the opportunity to discuss the problem that I have with my the Huawei P10 and Sports Tracker with someone who will be able to provide me with an acceptable level of attention and service.

As I now had the LG G4 up and running, but as yet without any ait time or data, I thought I would use both Sports Tracker on both phones to track one of my cycle rides. I duly did this an the Huawei P10 failed again. The LG G4 once again, and as it has done countless times prior to me acquiring the Huawei P10, recorded the route my ride followed. I need to repeat that I have yet to load air time and data onto the LG G4.

In case you are wondering how it was possibly for the LG G4 to record the ride without call time or data, the answer is simple. All it needs is to be able to receive the GPS data which is freely available where I ride. The phone also needs to keep Sports Tracker running continuously so that it can capture the GPS data at regular intervals and store it in a form that will allow it to be subsequently interpreted in order to reveal the route that I cycled along.

As I have already mentioned the LG G4 succeeded and the Huawei P10 failed. The screen shots included below clearly illustrate the situation I have tried to explain. I remain convinced that the Huawei P10 is at fault and that in terms of my expectations and use of the phone, should be replaced by Vodacom.

thumb nail
thumb nail
thumb nail
thumb nail

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a bicycle.

Conclusion: I still believe that the Huawei P10 is at fault here and I have done my best to construct a case to demonstrate that. It is not simply my opinion, there is data and results drawn from the data to support the case I have made. The Huawei P10\'s inability to run Sports Tracker or for that matter Strava over the time periods good cyclists would take to complete a 100 km road race, renders it useless for use in that context.

Within the context of my own use of Sports Tracker for recording my cycling since 2012, it has left me feeling depressed about a situation which sees me unable to get a reasonable response either from the store where I renewed my Vodacom contract, and also from Vodacom's Help Line which is as good as useless within the context of my problem.

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